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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FYI on Sukot, Wheelchair Accessibility in Barcelona and Easy Reading!


14 Tishrei 5772

 YAY, tonight is the start of the weeklong Sukot holiday, when Jews thank The One Above for getting us through the desert after slavery in Egypt. Miracle after miracle is celebrated while we dine and sleep in specially prepared huts/booths. Read this Sukot FYI  & this one, From Fasting to Feasting.

Back to day-to-day concerns, consider what it's like for a person in a wheelchair to move about in a foreign location (let alone at home!). Alan Broadbent participates on a LinkedIn group for people with disabilities. He posted information about wheelchair-accessible Barcelona. I asked him if I may share the item on this blog. Alan graciously replied, "Please feel free to share information with anyone via your blog, twitter, facebook etc."

FREE! Barcelona, A Wheelchair Users Guide now available for pdf download
Barcelona, A Wheelchair Users Guide is a 'warts & guide to Barcelona covering such issues as travelling from the airport into the City, eating out, money, touring, hotel accommodation and much more. This 10 page guide is available for free at the moment in pdf format. For people using screen readers I have the guide available using the DaisyPipeline software so hopefully a download should work fairly easily, ditto a version is available for download that can be printed in braille, both these last options are experimental on my part at the moment. When the EPUB ebook version goes live next month the others will no longer be available free and those versions will be sold at a nominal fee to cover admin time. Email me at for a copy.

Read up on the etiquette tips for interaction with people who use wheelchairs in a very affordable book! They'll appreciate you for that! Buy the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge so you and everyone else can...

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