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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Health-promoting Day in Many Ways!


25 Av, 5773

I was at an event in Jerusalem today that led to several gratifying surprises.

Called The Event, it was for helping immigrants adjust to employment and other aspects of life in Israel.

It was crowded! I struggled to keep my balance (and sometimes failed) as people pushed against me between the aisles of multiple displays.

But here's the happiness factor of it all:

I met zillions of people whom I know. New acquaintances stopped to tell me how much their lives improved due to reading

I met world-famous biz whiz Issamar Ginzberg in passing and he remembered that I authored the book.

A guy in the alternative healing world asked to do a business project with me within minutes of meeting me - because he likes how I interacted with people and that EMPOWER Yourself  presents many holistic, alternative and complementary healing options available to you. 

And he told me that Israelis have invented something so cutting-edge that it will put Google Glasses into the past. Blind people are able to see with this innovation. WOW.

Wait'll I inform you in a future post about how he heals psoriasis!

A Facebook friend recognized me in the crowd. He introduced me to his alternative healer wife, and she joined acquaintances giving me leads to meeting healing body work professionals.

Several individuals expressed interest in my medical coding expertise. I'm studying for certification in ICD-10 medical coding, as I've indicated before. 

ICD-10 coding goes into effect in the USA in October 2014 (other countries use the system already. Israel uses it to a limited extent). 

It will change the way US doctors, insurers and medical coders communicate. Expertise in how the system works will facilitate optimal insurance reimbursements for healthcare providers and patients (YOU if you hold American health insurance of some kind), and likely improve statistical efforts.

A magazine publisher stopped to chat with me about the compliment for my work that a reader sent to his biztalk page.

And just about everybody quoted my blog or the book during our conversations.

I spent lunchtime with a dear friend visiting from abroad. I've networked to the max and now I have to unwrap all the free gifts given out over there.

I'm still feeling the sense of fun I gained from what I'd expected would be a dull and dreary, but necessary, networking experience. Instead of handing out my resume, I made new friends, enjoyed old ones, and look forward to a rewarding future.

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Indulge in fun. It's good for your health.



Rabbi Issamar said...

thanks for the mention! :)

Yocheved Golani said...

A pleasure, Issamar.