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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Inspire Yourself and Others - Scars and All


15 Elul, 5773

Grab the tissues. The Jane Handly Childhood Story is going to have you sobbing with happiness and standing taller for the experience.

One of the key points in 

is that 
"The alternative to coping is worse." 

It means that if you have a medical, mental health or disability situation, you have lots of unpleasant, tedious and tiring work to do. 

If you don't do your work, you will suffer more than you do now. That additional suffering, which can possibly take you very backwards in unanticipated ways, is much worse than the discomforts facing you now.

It pays to focus on what can be done. It pays to focus on the uplifting things you can do in life.

I salute Jane Handly's mom, who cherished her child's soul - not her superficial appearance.

Some of the most wonderful people in the world are not going to win beauty contests. Their souls ennoble us let alone those people themselves.

You have struggles to master? 
So do superficial people. 
But they hardly know it.

Get on with your life. Grab the gusto. Live to ennoble your soul, perhaps those of other people.

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