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Monday, August 12, 2013

The It's MY Crisis iSkin Edition!


6 Elul 5773

Whew! Last week's high heat and humidity left me wilted as I ran to/from bus stops, school and home each day. At home I cared for dogs while local friends were on vacation and tried to keep up with phone messages. 

I also spent significant time with friends visiting from abroad. 

I conserved energy by not blogging though I stored away some health news you need to know! It's good for your skin.

Remember when I promised to clue you in to a way of healing psoriasis? I've checked and rechecked facts until I felt confident that this stuff WORKS!

Check out HealthrightUSA.
The program offers scholarships.

Check out the Healthright stuff 
if you suffer from 
eczema, arthritis or psoriasis.

If you live in Israel the treatments
are more readily accessible to you
at the Dead Sea!

Here's some fun news about doctors doing what natural healers have known for ages: They're using honey to heal skin wounds - and it even kills superbugs!  

Healing the skin is directly related to excellent nutrition inside your body, too. 

That means sticking to a sensible, 
nutritional diet.

Need to work on your sense of commitment about that? Read

OK, now I'm going to sit back and catch my breath a bit. 

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