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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Calm Mindsets to Help Humanity


13 Tishrei, 5774

I held off at making yesterday's blogpost go "live" due to unfolding events in the DC Navy Yard horror.

As it was, I was grieving the death of a dear man, a model of what GOD wants humanity to be: Simply good. The chief rabbi of Bet Shemesh had died early in the morning, after a horrific and valiant fight against a relentless disease process. He was so beloved by a wide cross-section of people, and still is. 

We had spoken with each other about healing modalities, and had shared lovely conversations and experiences in the past. GOD had a plan for how things would go.

I can only guess that as a man of peace, shalom, the rabbi is blessed with complete shalom in heaven. He died just before Sukkot begins. It's a time when we invite saintly figures to our huts, which symbolize GOD's mercy, and strive to emulate their qualities.

The Jewish world begins a week-long celebration of Sukkot (Tabernacles or Feast of Booths) on Wednesday night.  

The video below is of a classic Israeli song. It bespeaks the charming, peaceful demeanor and mindset of the deceased rabbi and the Sukkot holiday. You can read the lyrics translated into English at the bottom of the video.

At this point, while I reflect on yet another headline horror that ended some lives and pained others, I want to ask that you do what you can to promote mental health in your immediate world, and the wider world if possible. 

Suffering caused by one person's misery inflicted on innocent, defenseless others, is something worth preventing.

Calm mindsets help humanity.

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Focus on bettering yourself and society.


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