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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Putting YOUR Best Foot - and SHOES - Forward!


26 Elul, 5773

I'm still trying to figure out how women who wore banana-nosed shoes made it though one particular fashion season. I suspect that many foot doctors, and plastic surgeons who repair broken noses, made a lot of money that year.

Two years or so later, I found something to illustrate the lack of good sense in wearing some types of shoes.

Click on
Foot Damage from High Heels and Excessive Slopes

It hurts just to think about that damage. 

Avoid it with sensible footwear.

Your entire body is at risk for suffering enduring paid from damage caused by poorly fitting, foot-crippling shoes. 

Diabetics are at worse risk for health complications due to the foot damage.

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Feet need sensible soles. You do, too ;^D


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