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Monday, December 9, 2013

Catching Up with Each Other. How was YOUR Holiday Season?


6 and 7 Tevet, 5773

Did you miss me? 

WHEW! Chanuka was a fun, busy and tiring time for me. I traveled across Israel from the south to the north, thrilled to breathe at historic sites that Bible readers learn about. I even touched the very tree that Abraham planted near the well he'd dug in Beersheva! It is quite old (experts know how old by examining the tree) and showing some frailty. It is supported by a metal post under one of the trimmed-off limbs.

There's a terrific health-related reason why our forefather planted such a tree in that spot. 

Tamarisk trees desalinate water. Beersheva's salty, sometimes sulphuric water needs desalination. The water in Abraham's well was sweet, as a result of his foresight.

I even remarked on the reality at one of my Facebook pages

Um, guys, read the bible. Tamarisk tree. Worked for Abraham. And it is still standing all these years later, desalinating the well he dug. Keep life simple.

The joy of meeting up with friends residing across the country was a world of fun.

After the holiday ended, I went for an annual vision exam at the hospital clinic following my astonishing "I can see better and better over time!" case. We were in for quite a touching surprise. I hope to write about that in the near future. 

For the time being, I'll give you one HUGE hint as to what the surprise is about: READ about how I, and YOU, can be EMPOWERED Cope with a Medical Challenge  in

Back you YOU: How did you spend your holiday time?

Let me know about insights you gained, humorous adventures and any other good stuff you care to share.

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