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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Israel and I are Snowed In! Tips for Staying for Warm & Dry All Around the World...


12 Tevet, 5773

If you haven't heard the record-making news, the Middle East has been hit by a blizzard. Desert-dwellers are not prepared for such developments, as a rule. Israel's soldiers have helped stranded motorists to reach safety, and strangers took in people who needed shelter. 

Sand scattered on roads, snowplows and salt are now part of the Israeli scene.

Other news-worthy stuff is going on:

How the Holy Land Looks All in white,7340,L-4465376,00.html

I'm thrilled to have kept a long, water-proof down coat in my closet, with thick gloves and waterproof boots for Israel's cold winters. These items have helped me to weather the days-long storm.

Here's my advice for coping with some of the difficulties, fresh off one of my Facebook pages:

My indoor and/or outdoor coping tips for the cold weather: Wear leg warmers (you can knit them in a hurry), layers of clothing, and fingerless gloves alone or under regular mittens/gloves for added warmth. Wear XL kitchen gloves over your knitted gloves,to keep them dry outdoors. It's the cold water not drying out that makes hands super-duper cold. You can prevent that misery by keeping water off your hands/gloves..
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I highly recommend keeping your sense of humor going strong. That lets you cope with problems. Check out this message from last week:

So natch the administrators change their minds about my medical coding class members having to attend school AFTER this morning's blizzard shuts off electricity to my classroom. I returned home soggy, happy to be alive (Israelis are so not used to driving in blizzards) and still laughing from the snowball fight i initiated with the school's guard. Gun shmun. You can't whup a Golani with a big fat snowball and a silly streak miles wide!

If you have other good suggestions to share, please comment below this blogpost.

Have fun with the white stuff.


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