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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Find Happiness & Humor in Life's Challenges


14/15 Tevet, 5773

Israel is recovering from the wintery onslaught that hit us last week. Here's a look at how I'm managing - with the copy & paste of a message I'd E-mailed to friends earlier today:

I'm back in Jerusalem as I type this message, studying my coding course. Here's my FYI about public - or any - transportation:

I made it to class though my bus could not access B-street due to black ice plus mounds of snow blocking the driver's view/access to left lane. The driver had to back up the whole goshdarn road as I thanked GOD we remained alive during that process. After disembarking I then crawled over the moving ice floes and piles of snow along the highway so I could walk alongside moving vehicles to reach the school building (sidewalks piled high with frozen snow were too hazardous). I chose the sunlit part of road as sunshine was melting black ice. It's a serious hazard to drivers and pedestrians.

I had to surmount a mountain of snow to clamber over the curb in front of my school building while hanging on to my purse and shoe bag plus a bottle of water. I called out for 2 men to give me their hands so I could do it without dying in the process. I had to leave the highway traffic alongside me and not fall backward into it. The men helped me and all is well. Drivers slowed down to give me "space" to jump atop and climb over the snow.

I arrived at 8AM, logged in and began to work when the lights went out! Our maintenance guy restored electricity and I logged back in. 

Roads are filled with inexperienced drivers and a HUGE miracle is that I did not see evidence of any accidents from my starting point to my destination. Jerusalem sidewalks are frozen and snow-piled in some spots. Trees are down all over and present walking/driving difficulties.

The amazing thing is the cheerful mood everybody seems to be in. Everyone's working together to cope with the weather-caused problems.

BUSES ARE NOT GOING INTO GEULA. Bar Ilan is open but with spotty bus service. Milk has arrived to Neve Yakov. 

Be smart. "Go" before you leave the house (use the bathroom!), travel lightly and stay home if you can. Some Jerusalem buildings are still not open to the public as of 9:40AM. This is all the verified info I know for now.

UPDATE: according to the J'lm website, buses within the city started at 8AM, lite rail at 5:30AM.

buses INTO the city began at 6AM
buses OUT of the city began at 7AM

some schools are starting at 10AM - if you can figure out how to safely get each child to a different place at the same time.

Good luck to everyone. Err on the side of caution to stay safe. 

Facing obstacles and dealing with them can be very empowering, success or no success. 

Why? Because you get to know, in your very gut, that you did your best instead of caving in. And sometimes the situation you face can be turned into a  humorous or inspirational perspective to reflect upon. 

That builds self esteem, a sense of satisfaction no matter the outcome.

This video explains that concept, somewhat. Listen in.

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Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism. 

Look for the humor in life. 

Faith, family and work can help. So can a willingness to be happier than you have been.


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