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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

External Causes, Passover and ICD10 All in One!


24 Nisan, 5774

This is not your ordinary blogpost. I'm addressing some diverse topics, with a grin.

I've enjoyed a fun end to Passover/Pesakh, milling around a Mimouna festival in a local park, then listening to the lively music from my home.

I return to medical coding class today, after a week's vacation. I bet we'll have some fun coding this phenom (the psych code for "Dunderhead" must be a doozy!). 

Surgeons in India find 12 gold bars in man's stomach

The sad reality is that for all the pundits who maligned ICD10 and its "outlandish" external cause codes, this is a sad lesson in why such codes are increasingly necessary.

I remain optimistic that America's legislators can reverse medical and financial harm to the public by reinstating the October 2014 ICD10 implementation date. 

Responsible adults learn from their mistakes and correct them. 

They repair harm they have unintentionally - or intentionally - caused.

ICD10 coding is worth gold, well, more cash in the pockets of patients and medical facilities, that is. It can do far more good there than in some selfish guy's gut, no?

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