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Friday, April 4, 2014

Fallout is Hitting the Fans Due to the US' ICD10 Delay


Nisan 4, 5774

What does this mean to Americans 
and their medical care?

1) Hampered communications between worldwide medical researchers and medical professionals who've used the ICD10 medical coding system since 1996!!!

2) As for the inevitable crippled ability of US insurance companies: 

  • Americans will receive smaller medical insurance reimbursements than ICD10 could have facilitated.

  • We medical coders and your medical professionals lack the means to prove that your care costs more than it used to, or was invented after the creation of the Internet.

I kid you not. The federal government of the USA tripped up US health care by passing that HR 4302 bill. 

By the way, NOT ONE legislator read the line about delaying ICD10 aloud - during 5 hours of televised coverage of the HR 4302 bill passage event!

Did they sign a contract without reading the entire document? Fail to understand its implications?

Well, no matter what, or how to pin the blame...

You're stuck in 1979's standards of ICD9 medical coding. It will cost America a LOT of money.

The entire medical and medical coding worlds are reeling from that development.

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Feel free to notify your legislators of the problem.


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