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You need to know how to meet your medical and/or mental health needs NOW. You're struggling to survive moment by moment. And you need your dignity.

You're rushing to appointments (the ones you remembered) and/or wondering which treatment to use. Meanwhile, your costs are rising, your needs are changing and you hardly know how to make sense of what to do first, second and later. What about the emotions boiling inside you? How can you calm down with all that's going on?

A former medical coder and medical writer, I've been in your position. I survived a life-threatening emergency with information only a person with my professional experience would know: How to find medical innovators, medical experts and charitable organizations willing to pay part or all of an applicant's specific medical costs, who has software to simplify medical appointment scheduling, a sensible list of items to pack for hospital stays, and more.

I knew that I'd pulled through because of my ability to connect with resources I needed. I knew that most patients lack that knowledge. I decided to provide it, to minimize your suffering.

I believe in empowering terrified, confused and unhappy people with dire diagnoses. I believe that patients should not suffer insults to their dignity in medical settings. I provide information that can help you to manage your problems better, maybe to end them, in the book.

Calm down. Organize your life better. You just might get your grin back.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Life-Changing Resolutions


15 Tevet, 5775

It's after sundown and technically Tuesday for me, in Israel. You might be having a Monday, recovering from a raucous weekend.  Let's focus on some character-building stuff that makes all of us happier.

I've spent some appreciable time deep in thought about some directions I want to pursue, and directions I've already set out on. Before I share information about that with you, let's keep our focus on the new calendar aka fiscal year, 2015.

Life's not only about financial earnings. It's about the Quality of the Lives We Lead.

Many people are unsung heroes and heroines. I wrote about several when I was a reporter/feature writer.

I know other unsung heroes and heroines whose efforts would be compromised by publicity. I cherish their acquaintances and friendships.

OK, back to the daily grind. 

Some of use seek ways to become heroic, to ourselves and/or to the world at large.

I have a preference for quiet heroes who simply get the job done, leaving other people better off than they were. Fanfare makes me doubt the efficiency of some goodhearted efforts.

None of us can be especially helpful to anybody, though, without being good to ourselves first.

Much of my public presence, and private life, is about promoting sensible self care.  

Care to read over my shoulder again? Let's enjoy Counting Your Blessings and Changing Your Life together.

Count your blessings and begin to change your life

Have you made any resolutions for the coming year? If not, try the following. Each is potentially life changing.

Please let me know your thoughts about that essay.

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Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Find yourself, deep inside. 

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