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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Recharge and Renew Your Dreams - Your Efforts to Achieve Them can Flower!


5 Shvat, 5775

Sorry about last week's silence; I was busy with international company and putting some long-pursued goals into motion. Stand by for updates about that ;^ )

Shvat is the month of spring, when Israel's trees and flowers bloom despite bracingly cold temperatures. Our skies are sunny and clear, after months of rain.

A time of renewal, this is a propitious time for beginning new projects and reaching for new goals. As we learn from this Temple Institute post, Shvat is a time to recharge our inner growth, too.

Here's a helpful infographic about the Jewish New Year Holiday for Trees, coming up in about 10 days.

With all that spiritual and emotional energy running in your body and soul, how about recharging your health efforts with humor, cost-cutting information you need and tips for getting along with everybody involved?

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