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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Surviving Old Age


8 Tevet, 5775

This week, Jews, other people and governments worldwide memorialize the Holocaust, Hitler's war upon the Jews.

He despised our morality, the fact that the human conscience was developed with the moral teachings that Abraham shared with the world, with the Torah (bible) and especially with the 10 Commandments. They are GOD's directives forbidding murder, kidnapping, theft, and injustice of any sort. GOD is GOD, not self-appointed people.

As aging and younger humans count their regrets, keep counterproductive "scores" and alienate themselves or others over issues that could have been resolved, it is important to put life into perspective. A life-long project, it's not a goal to be accomplished in a day.

Listen in for valuable life lessons as Eva Mozes Kor faces her goal of surviving old age, and the most severe forms of injustice known to humanity. Click on...

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Here is some of the horror that Hitler and his cohorts brought to the world: Hideous Experiments on Twins.

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