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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vacation Pix and Good Health


30 Nisan, 5775

I'm sighing for the last day of Nisan, a month of many miracles. Some of them will be more widely known in the future.

For now I'm sharing photos of things I saw during my vacation time in the Negev, the southern part of Israel.

The Negev Art Museum held an exhibit about donkeys in Israeli Culture and lore:

The Carasso Science Museum offers fast facts about physics and a few other topics. I enjoyed the art, the spiritual side of what humans perceive to be reality, and some quiet time:

Despite the hard physical work before and during Passover, the rapid changes in the weather and a diet quite different from my usual fare, I found my health to be quite stable. 

Time with new and old friends, and to reflect on life, seems to have served me well at a time of year when I usually catch a cold.

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