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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Graduation Day Pix!


9 Iyar, 5775

Scroll around this blog to refresh your memory about when I was studying around the clock to complete my ICD10 medical coding education. And very, very tired.

Classmates and I completed two years' worth of pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, pathology, medical terminology, medical coding techniques, medical coding laws (zillions of laws), and much more, for our ICD10 medical coding education, in less than one year.

We passed US certification exams
this past August, and received 
our US degrees. 

We broke records and delighted Israeli government officials who'd facilitated the ground-breaking US education program in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Our group of women is Israel's only supply of certified ICD10 medical coders!

Government officials presented our Hebrew teudot aka certificates, yesterday. I hope you sense our excitement in my photos.

Despite the academic, financial, physical, political and other pressures upon us, a bunch of former strangers became long-term friends. 

WOW do we remember the industry-wide shock Obama gave with his SGR - Sustainable Growth Rate - HG 3402 law, preventing Health and Human Services from implementing ICD10 as standard medical coding practice in the USA. It messed up our employment plans, the entire US medical coding industry, and World Health Organization demands for American compliance.

It definitely had a negative impact on the US medical industry. I've tweeted about that, as have other medical coding professionals.

Classmates pulled through the crisis by being there for each other.

Here's my study partner (we used to work in a business together, long before class began).

Some other photos of happy graduates:

Some of the governmental officials 
in charge of our education:

My special excitement has been that I completed my studies on the same day as all the students, despite my vision disability.

Many classmates found it hard to believe that I never asked for "accommodations." Some of them did not realize that I had a disability until they were told about it long after the class was under way.

I relied on my skills plus all the physical and occupational therapy techniques I'd mastered over time. GOD pulled the picture together. I used to pray for that as I studied!

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Batya said...

Wonderful news, bahatzlachah!!!!