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Monday, May 11, 2015

Robots to the Rescue!


22 Iyar, 5775

Whew, I've been through so much since I last posted anything. 

My move was complicated by the need for a crane to hoist my furniture through windows as the staircase had proved to be too narrow to accommodate some items. 

And the the movers had somehow jumbled my belongings among the boxes. I'm searching in labeled cartons but finding other stuff than what I'd expected. 

The bureaucratic rigamarole of setting up utilities in my name, updating the address on my ID card and whatnot have eaten into my time. The loss of sleep due to local festivities and whatnot slowed me down, too (but that was a fun sacrifice). I'm gradually making order of the chaos, in between seriously necessary naps.

Before my extended, unexpected break from blogging, I had promised to share some medically innovative information with you, so here goes:

Ben-Gurion University to Develop Robots to Help Senior Citizens
Ben-Gurion University to Develop Robots to Help Senior Citizens
(JNS). Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have received a grant from Israel’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Space to develop robotic systems that will meet the needs of senior citizens. The BGU project, titled “Follow Me:....

Nifty, huh? Follow Me: Proxemics and Responsiveness for Following Tasks in Adaptive Assistive Robotics is quite a mouthful. But it means that these robotic butlers will not suffer moodiness or failure to perform. The people who benefit from them will have trusty tools for accomplishing basic tasks. 

Meanwhile, back to my personal life. I'm thrilled to have learned of family members buying each other copies of

They're finding the information so valuable that they don't want to lend out their copies to relatives who need them, and those family members are buying their own.

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