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Friday, May 29, 2015

You're NOT Searching for Your Life's Meaning. You're Creating it.


11 Sivan, 5775

The 44C/107F-plus  weather in Israel has been brutally hot and physically plus mentally draining this week. 

I was simply too tired with the rest of life and the high heat to post messages on this blog. But I had a moving experience yesterday that I want to share with you.

I often volunteer my time, insights and efforts to help people or organizations in need of them. I tend to interact with people and situations involved in medical and/or emotional and mental health stress.

One of the people I'd recently helped took me out for a cup of coffee in an outdoor cafe as the excessively high heat cooled down for the Middle East night. We spoke of the person's life history (I had not previously known it), attitude toward the future, and assessment of a highly problematic past. The conversation became charged with spiritual implications and realizations.

I do Self-Help Coaching with clients who are uncertain of how to proceed with their futures because of their medical conditions. I help them to clarify their challenges, identify their goals and to create an agenda for achieving those goals. Then they're on their own, to make necessary efforts.

The person before me had done this without my input. I found the courage, clear headedness and humility captivating (please notice that I'm intentionally avoiding pronouns such as "him" or "her" so I can protect the person's privacy). With further discussion, we agreed that such a mindset is due to one specific focus:

You're not searching for your life's meaning. 
You're creating it.

So many people trek around the world, ingest (usually illegal and unsafe) substances or indulge in unproductive self-analysis as they seek emotional comfort. They remain stuck, not necessarily knowing why that's so. People who are "looking for themselves" tend be trying to escape their thinking processes and emotional tendencies, not in finding their true self and then making progress.

The solution to the problem is attitudinal. 

Choose to make progress instead of swirling in the aftermath of unpleasant circumstances. 

Make incremental changes, one at a time. 

The person before me at the cafe had done so despite horrific betrayals and medical manipulation. I was awed at the result: A face glowing with self respect, a person making sensible choices, and a life going forward despite the bumps that tend to whack us mortals when we least expect them.

I then explained that

shows readers how to do much of that 
with the cooperation of loved ones, 
their medical professionals, 
or all on their own.

The book holds fill-in-the-blank lines
that you and/or they can fill in together 
or individually.

I came away from the conversation happier for realizing that I'd made a choice to empower my readers. It's no simple matter to carry on with heartache, debts and illness that seem to impede many simple choices. Over time, some of those readers have contacted me to express their gratitude for the content. 

I pray that the book will help you to create some of your life's meaning.

I salute you for your determination and your focus on a better tomorrow.

Here's an insightful look at what you're accomplishing.


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