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Monday, August 24, 2015

Thrombocytopenia and Mabthera Treatment: Seeking the Public's Help


9 Elul, 5775

Readers, I ask your indulgence, for your patience and compassion. This post was delayed in going "live" until I had the patient's permission to post it.

You are invited to respond to the message below with relevant information. It is desperately needed:

An acquaintance is suffering a highly 
unusual form of thrombocytopenia, 
cause undetermined.
His platelets flutter between 
frighteningly low numbers 0-10.
His medical team is desperate 
to figure out how to save him.

He's being referred for alternative 
Mabthera treatment for ITP. 

He asked me to prepare an 
alternative healing menu 
for him.
I prepare foods with a history of 
healing ill people. 

What I ask of you is to 
let me know of 
cutting-edge therapies
for curing or arresting ITP. 


I shared a message with friends, some of whom are medical professionals, a short time ago:

whew. I'm back from visiting the man in the hospital and I'd spent the morning cooking up a macrobiotic healing storm: Stir-fry kale, onion, garlic, carrot with Kuzu, sesame oil and rice vinegar, a container of fresh no-bake peach-chia pie with almond crust, fruit salad with mango, grapes and peaches diced to perfection, a YUM nutmilk with figs, silan, chocolate beans, ginger, coconut and cashews. Nurses and social worker were delighted to watch him eat with gusto. I burst out laughing when someone asked me "And all this vegetarian food is kosher?"

It's a relief to know that he can enjoy food. Pleasure is important, and it can be healing. The man's medical team does not know how to help him. A possible course of Mabthera therapy might be pursued. He asked me to study facts about it.

I am determined to learn as much as I can about Mabthera, more than online resources indicate.

I also want to find out about ultraviolet blood irradiation with ozone. I understand that such therapy is available in Tel Aviv. I need relevant contact information that the patient can use.

If you have any valid information to share with me, please do so via giveretgolani @ gmail .com (remove the spaces when you use that email address).

And yes, the man is the middle of reading his personal copy of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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Batya said...

This post is included in Shiloh Musings: Two Weeks to Rosh Hashanah Havel Havelim. You're invited to join and be active in our international Jewish blogging community. More information on our facebook page.

Yocheved Golani said...

Thank you, Batya. I hope it will help the patient concerned.