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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Here's How to Make the Most of Your Endorphins!


17 Tishrei, 5776

I've watched an interesting pattern of who reads this blog over time.  I've been up since 3AM Israel time today, exercising, praying, and/or reading from a few books that interest me. 

I've also been reading statistics at my part of the blogosphere: Readers from Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine and the USA had been recorded by blogspot. That's a new pattern for this time of day. Most visitors are using Firefox. Others Chrome, and 14% Internet Explorer. 

Hmmm... Armenia, Australia and Ireland joined the party half an hour ago. I'm noticing more types of browers and operating systems at work. Some countries seem to favor this or that.

I'm curious to know what all of you seek in terms of medical, and coping with medical crises, information.

Please let me know ;^ D

Meanwhile, here are some quick tips to improve your health:

The National Cancer Institute insists that physical exercise can lower your cancer risk up to 80 percent. The exact protective process is not yet known, but results are known: Exercise releases hormones that seem to prevent breast and other cancers. It burns calories, too, lowering the risk of many diseases with a more optimal weight for your body. 

As for the endorphins which leave you feeling happier than you felt before working out, go right ahead and make some. Modify your exercise routines as necessary, then stretch your muscles along with your sense of happiness!

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