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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy New Year


26 Elul 5775

Business: Be sure to read Social Media and the MMR Controversy and Heads UP Parents and Coaches.

Life: I'm cooking up a delicious collection of food for friends at Jewish New Year time (the Rosh HaShana holiday begins on Sunday).

Here's a look at the seed crackers I've prepared.

Here's a message I've shared far a wide. I hope that you'll ponder and enjoy it.

When you pray with tears, you unlock the Heavenly gates; 
when you pray with joy, there are no gates.
~R. Lazer Brody

Who you are is a gift from G-d. 
Who you become is your gift TO G-d!!!!
~ Rabbi David Aaron

Those messages are not just for the Jewish kids in the class. 

May the world be blessed with unending goodness in 5776.

See you next year!

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