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Monday, January 18, 2016

Cherishing Life Despite Hardships, a How-to.


8/9 Shvat, 5776

It's after nightfall here in Israel, a new day. I've spent much of the daylight hours crying, sighing and praying due to the recent terrorist murder of an ideal Israeli.

My composure is somewhat recovered, my energies directed toward preparing for my synagogue's Tu B'Shvat celebration this coming Sunday night. I'm in charge of the program.

This Hebrew-language video explains to children that we cherish the life deep inside plants, the potential for goodness, though superficial appearances deceive us into seeing what appears to be lifelessness.

Israelis spend the holiday praising the special foods grown in the Holy Land, and planting trees.

Perhaps you'd like to spend some time praying for the safety of innocents and celebrating the sweetness of life with me. 

I plan to blog again after I've cooked up some holiday foods for the forthcoming party.

The best response to sorrow is to dig deep inside yourself, decide on a noble response, a life-embracing perspective, then to live up to your principles.

Caving in to sorrow as a lifestyle is a recipe for disaster, personal and otherwise.

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