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Monday, January 25, 2016

How Do Happy Times Strengthen Minds and Bodies, Plus Our Potential?


15 Shvat, 5776

The answer to my blogpost's title is this: With focus on the wholesome goal you need. Read on.

Today is the Jewish holiday of Tu B'Shvat, the New Year for trees. I spoke of the ecologic, historic and spiritual reality about that to participants in the party I made at my synagogue last night.

Here are a few photos of the fun we enjoyed.

Israeli law forbids citizens to post online photos of minors without the documented permission of their parents/guardians. This is to protect them from evildoers. So, I can't post more party pix as kids tend to show up in several of them. But their families have the pix to treasure. 

This photo is of the craft project they worked on: Coloring a tree, folding the bottom into a square, decorating the whole thing with stickers, and setting the colorful item into a square holder. Then they planted sprouting garlics and inserted the live greenery into their pot holder. I took a shot that I call The Kidcraft Garden.

People with special food needs enjoyed my home made sushi, gluten-free crackers, those coconut mint carob rounds, plus quinoa mixed with sweet potato and sauteed onion. The regular diners enjoyed the couscous I'd made plus the home cooked food that other participants brought..

The healing efforts I make are blessed from Above to help me to see ever-better. It was a blessing to be part of the fun depicted in today's blogpost. Here's a picture of me wearing the 21st pair of prescription lenses since 2006.

I'm in the gray hat, standing next to one of the artists who displayed their works at the event I'd arranged. 

 Yes, my glasses are hard to spot: the lenses are so thin that I bought wire frames instead of recycling an older, thicker pair that are no longer suited to the job.

Want to listen to a song I'm following this week? 

The lyrics speak of a man whose heart cries with pain at the suffering of his beloved. He tries to grasp her hands as he speaks words that he prays will soothe her; "GOD sees and hears everything from above, forgets nothing, and will fulfill the heavenly promise to sweeten our lives.The blood of innocents, including soldiers who died defending other people's lives, the agony will never be forgotten nor forgiven. A new light will shine throughout the universe. A lovely dove will inscribe peace upon blue and white skies. We'll be safe in our ancestral home."

It is the metaphor for GOD's relationship to His People.

Meanwhile, let's do the best we can to perfect our personalities.

Happiness strengthen our minds and bodies, let alone our potential.

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