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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Find out about Israel’s First-ever Whole Health Forum HERE!


21 Iyar, 5776

We're in the Hebrew month of Iyar. The word is an acronym for the Hebrew phrase "Ani HaShem Rofekha," I am GOD Your healer.

What better time to address health issues?

Please share your thoughts about the article I wrote regarding that Whole Health Forum which I'd blogged about previously. It was quite a ground-breaking event!

HEALTH: Israel’s First-ever Whole Health Forum

By Yocheved Golani
Ginat and Sheldon Rice presented Israel’s first-ever Whole Health Forum this past May 15 through 20th. The event for health-conscious English-speakers was held at the ecological Essene Farm in Even Sapir, outside Jerusalem. An international gathering of alternative/complementary healing practitioners, the forum included workshops about exercise, homeopathy, herbology, frequency meditation, reflexology plus other natural healing techniques. Panel discussions and other dynamic opportunities for healing let participants learn and make new friendships as they learned to improve their health. Board-certified doctors were among the presenters and participants.
Audience members at Wednesday night’s panel discussion about healing learned that doctors used to decide on the course of treatment for patients, considering it to be merciful to withhold “Your condition can be fatal” information that could upset already distraught people. One panel member mentioned that he learned the truth in a library book. Another mentioned her agony after learning that her doctors had been ordered to convince her that she had a psychological disorder rather than a fatal diagnosis, so that she’d die calmly on psychiatric medication. “Calm? I suffered pain and debilitating problems and almost died from medical neglect while being verbally abused, denied the chance to recover by accessing other forms of therapy! Attempting to force a death sentence on me wasn’t mercy, it was cruelty.” The audience also learned of the medical world’s evolving “care versus cure” perspective. It distracts patients from realizing that western medicine can’t cure some problems. It is transforming medical “care” into “maintenance” rather than “recovery,” and still resisting documented evidence of natural healing techniques.
Board-certified surgeon Michael Feinerman cured himself of Rheumatoid Arthritis with a... 

Read the rest of the story by clicking here.


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