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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Here's How to Find Clinical Trials for Brain Tumors!


25 Adar, 5777

The EMPOWER Yourself book holds much information about how to get in on clinical trials for many different medical maladies. Look in the Global Resources section of the book.

Know someone who wants to get in on a clinical for their brain tumor? Check out the latest news from 

National Brain Tumor Society today launched the NBTS Clinical Trial Finder. This online tool is designed specifically to connect brain tumor patients with open trials that might be suitable and advantageous treatment options to consider.
The trial finder is hosted on the National Brain Tumor Society website ( and also available directly via the URL, See the NBTS news announcement HERE.

Discuss the information with your medical team and loved ones. This is not a decision to make alone. It requires professional guidance, emotional support and good sense.

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