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Thursday, June 8, 2017

It was a Report not a Sentence.


14 Sivan, 5777

The video I'd posted yesterday has been viewed at other sites, too. As you know, the speaker brought his live audience to their feet!

There's more to his story, and I happen to know it, being from Michigan. He was not a shining star in school. He'd been rejected by a few colleges due to his low grade point average.

He persevered. And rose above the problems.

What's the difference between a person who rises above their circumstances, and someone who doesn't?


Add the vocabulary you desire to answer my above question: Courage, insight, tenacity, the refusal to sit out on life, etc.

It all comes down to one thing: Refusal to be a victim.

Judge Bernstein interpreted his reality as a report, not as a sentence.

All of us can do the same thing.

Make it a new mantra when thinking about your situation: "It was a report not a sentence."

Live life to the fullest.

WITH your circumstances, not despite them.

Get it?

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