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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Life Insurance Options for Disabled People, Weight Control and MORE!


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WHEW! Proctoring season ended and I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming. Let's share some information, OK?

People with a disability too often struggle with efforts to secure life insurance. USNews&WorldReport recently reported on potential solutions for Americans. Please read Can You Get Life Insurance While Disabled?

Ever wonder how some people stay slim despite the passing years and all those luscious-looking items on buffet tables inside restaurants or at private parties, and at the mall (mall muffins are loaded with MILLIONS, perhaps BAZILLIONS of unnecessary calories, BTW) and even inside your local refrigerator? 

There's a technique called intermittent fasting that helps them to preserve a pleasant profile in the mirror. Read about that in Intermittent Fasting Benefits.

You've surely heard about doctors who withheld information or considered their patients to be hopeless cases with medical or mental health problems that couldn't be solved, correct? 

And you've heard of astounding recoveries despite the professional pessimism.

One of things that frequent readers of this blog might not know is that I'd been written off as "within 6 months..." and didn't learn of the diagnosis until I ended up in an emergency room, close to dying.

I describe what happened next in the first few pages of the EMPOWER Yourself book. Then I write about what I knew as a Health Information Management professional that helped me to survive, then to thrive. That information can help many, many people in dire medical circumstances.

I wrote the book to share the insights with laymen who couldn't possibly guess that those solutions exist. Why? Because YOU need someone who's willing to share that information. 

Read the book to feel, perhaps to BE better!
Know somebody (including yourself) written off as someone with a hopelessly incurable medical problem? Buy them a motivational and informational gift that can help them to rise above the doomy, gloomy forecast. Click HERE.

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