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Friday, August 10, 2018

What to Do When DOCTORS have Disabilities?


29 Av, 5778

I prepared this post before going to bed last night. I had no idea what'd happen between my rest and the time that this post went active.

At any rate, here it is:

Here's something that ill people rarely believe: Doctors can become frail and also need help to manage life better, as do some patients.

Do you find that startling news? Consider this excerpt from a recent news story:

"... Doctors are often portrayed as pinnacles of health, superhumans responding to emergencies around the clock, performing miracles of all kinds. They're seen as the fixers, not the ones ever in need of accommodations or care.

"This profession historically has viewed themselves as able-bodied in the extreme," Iezzoni says.
Now, a growing movement of current and aspiring doctors with disabilities is starting to challenge that narrative, saying it is a disservice both to the medical profession and to patients.
It's important to acknowledge and accommodate medical professionals with disabilities, says Lisa Meeks, a psychologist and researcher at Michigan Medicine specializing in disabilities in medicine and medical education. "It deserves attention and its own problem-solving," she says...

Learn more when you read National Public Radio's presentation about doctors with disabilities.

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