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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Answer is "YES!"


16 Cheshvan, 5779

Can a positive attitude improve your health?

The EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge book emphasizes the fact that upbeat attitudes, even when you have to fake them, can better your health. I know it to be true. 

When I was faced with a life-threatening BENIGN brain tumor crushing all the nerves going from my head to my spine, and emergency surgery that could possibly get the tumor out - if I didn't die during the procedure - I told everyone interacting with me: "I have one chance to remain alive and healthy. I'm taking it!"

I forbade everyone from making negative remarks to me during the 1.5 year-long recovery as I pursued physical, occupational, and speech therapy (I needed to recover from a surgically broken jaw that impeded my ability to speak clearly).

My life-coaching efforts are geared to helping my clients to take on upbeat attitudes. They ALL report positive improvements to their physical and/or mental health.

Here's MORE PROOF that your positive mood, even when you pretend to be happy, can improve your health.

Can positive emotions shrink cancer tumors?

Want to improve your mood and to find help about how to do that? There are relevant lessons in 

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