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Friday, January 11, 2019

Financial Help for People with Brain Tumors


5 Shvat, 5779

Dr Musella's organization (the Musella Brain Tumor Research Foundation) is superb and his own upbeat remark is among the back-cover praises for the EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge book.

Check out the Just Announced good news for people who need financial help with brain tumor treatment!

Our copayment assistance program is probably going to reopen soon!
  • Tiffani Rockwell Fomera What program is that?
  • Melanie Metcalf Lovell Tiffani, it helps people to purchase medicine when they might not otherwise be able to due to high insurance co-pays/deductibles. This is the program I have always contributed to, because as necessary as animal testing may be, as a vegan I am not comfortable funding testing on animals. This is a win-win....I can contribute to this program and help those fighting GBMs without funding animal research.
  • Al Musella we help malignant brain tumor patients pay for Optune, Temodar, Gliadel and Avastin!
    Home - Brain Tumor Drug Copayment Assistance Program!
    Home - Brain Tumor Drug Copayment Assistance Program!
  • Al Musella As to animal research, for those of you who do not want to fund animal research, you can tell us to only use the donation for human research. We gave a $1 million grant which will only be used to treat pediatric brain tumors - the grant is 4 payments of $250,000 over 3 years. We are saving up for the next payment. You can always donate to that!

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