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Monday, January 7, 2019

Float that Boat!


(Whoops, I'd meant to post this earlier on Monday)

A friend and I were chatting the other day and she spoke of feeling frustrated at not having achieved a goal. I asked "What went wrong?" and she replied with a description of how she'd overestimated how much strength, insight, and patience she had to handle a specific task.

Sound familiar? We've all  been through this.

We spoke of the goal she had in mind, and I joked "That boat won't float if you use the wrong materials. Build your goal from realistic looks at what you can and cannot do."

We laughed over an old joke about splitting the sea.

My friend thought out loud, re-strategized, and we parted ways. Eventually she let me know that she'd achieved her goal having pursued it more sensibly. Life lessons help. We need them.

As you pursue the new year, and feel angry or somehow unhappy that you're making slow progress, take time to re-assess what you're doing and how. Float that boat. You'll figure out what to do as you realize what doesn't work. The process of elimination can be helpful.

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