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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Music Soothes. And Heals…

4 Kislev 5768

There’s a lovely Spanish saying, “El Dios es la canción y somos los instrumentos.” It translates into English as “G'D is the song and we are the instruments.“

When one person reaches out to improve someone else’s life, the heavens sing praises of the person and their acts of kindness. And when we listen to music and allow ourselves to be moved by its messages of hope, we heal emotionally. Sometimes physically.

Late last night (it's already Wednesday mid-morning where I am), someone contacted me from around the world (through, to let me know about a loved one with a very rare and serious diagnosis: Metastatic Meningioma. I immediately referred her to one of the resources in It's MY Crisis! And I’ll Cry if I Need To.

The daughter who contacted me deserves to be applauded for her loving concern and the steps she’s taking to find a cure for her mom. And now I hope that she, her mom, and everyone reading this blog will be comforted and healed to every extent possible by this marvelous tribute to human loyalties and to the One Above. Simon and Garfunkel are instruments of a spiritual reality. I hope their song becomes yours, too.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

That mini-photo of me on the right margin of my blog was taken while I was mid-flight during a spirited dance. Imagine me twirling with you as your sense of the future grows.

I'm very moved that so many people are letting me know that they're getting help from me that is improving their moods, their sense of the future, and their healing efforts. Please write to me at and name your medical crisis. Let me know what it is and how my book, blog or personal appearances helped you or your loved ones/acquaintances. See below for the growing list of illnesses improved with our mutual efforts.

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