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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Doctors, Take Your Patients Seriously. Please!

5 Kislev 5768

My dear readers, you and I can share a deeply understood reality as no other people can: Medical indifference and medical incompetence.

When doctors, MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, dismiss our very real physical symptoms as mere fluff or psychological silliness that they prefer not to encounter, a heavy price is paid.

It is paid by the person who is truly ill. See this story for the sad outcome of medical indifference:

The young woman could have been saved in an instant, several times over. All she needed was a doctor who took her seriously.

Moral of the Story: Insist on being taken most seriously when you know in your gut, in your heart, that you require medical attention. Find a responsive, responsible medical professional when the folks you've consulted do not respond appropriately. That's what I call Patient Empowerment.

Now, let's focus some more on Patient Empowerment. I've written on past posts that ill people (and healthy people) can restructure their futures to a significant extent. That belief and reality are the very core of my Self-Help Coaching work.

There's a terrific book about how our thought processes determine our destinies more than we usually imagine (sickness, health, opportunities, scholarship and more). The good news is that we can control the biology of our beliefs. Who says so? Award-winning Dr. Bruce Lipton, who presents proofs for his assertion that we humans do not have to be hostage to genetic factors. I reviewed his best-selling book for one of the publications that use my journalistic efforts.

Here's the URL to my book review of The Biology of Belief:§ionid=14

Good news, isn't it?

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COMING UP: Stress messes up our ability to remember details. Anyone going through a medical crisis needs help with keeping facts straight. Next week I'll provide you with tips for boosting your memory. Those tips are also good for anyone not facing a medical crisis. See you next week!

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
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