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Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Wondering

20 Adar Bet 5768

When I'm not racing to appointments regarding my arm and its unusual path of recovery from trauma after trauma, I wonder about that Meningioma history I have and share with so many people.

I hope you'll forgive my use of a dated piece of imagery, but I've mentally put myself into a sort of WAYBACK Machine like the one used by Sherman and Mr. Potter of Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon fame. The Wayback Machine let the intelligent kid and his uber-smart dog travel back in time to find answers for perplexing questions.

What prompted my trip down history's corridor? This interesting revelation:

According to yesterday's post at
Healthsass migraines are problems of Dueling Danger Alert/Happiness hormones!

Don't understand? No prob. I can explain: An Irrestible Force (Adrenaline) meets an Immovable Object (Serotonin). Just imagine gladiators duking it out in your head. That's pretty much the sensation of a migraine.

Suddenly I recalled that many migraine sufferers (I used to be one, and connected with other migraine sufferers to seek advice for relief) eventually experience brain or other tumors. Hmmm...

Thyroids, uteruses, testicles and breasts are hormone-specific structures. And WOW do they account for many cancer cases! A significant number of such cancer patients report histories of Migraines and/or Meningiomas. To be sure, I'm relying on memory, a strictly anecdotal piece of evidence. But my medically-related memories are based on my experience in the Medical Records industry, not only on personal experience...

I'm starting to wonder if the human body suffers a Meningioma or Migraine Syndrome, a specific type of downward cascade or domino effect that may or may not be a gender determinant situation (men get meningiomas and migraines, too). That is, if the human body holds the gene(s) for one hormonally-related problem, are other specific hormonal problems more likely to occur, too? Will they occur only if certain factors come into play, or not?

The truth can be learned with hard facts: Statistics. Anecdotal evidence is only a modest beginning. So consider this: You know what doctors and researchers call LOTS of anecdotes? STATISTICS.

Anybody interested in researching the reality? On October 17 2001 JAMA published a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) study about women with meningiomas having higher incidences of LAM - lymphangioleiomyomatosis. That's only one example of correlating the sort of evidence I'm addressing to prognoses for the future. There are other studies happening as you read my thoughts.

I have many hunches based on personal and professional experience about what's going on. And I want to be part of the prevention and cure eventuality for it all.

If you're already researching the issues or want to, I have questions for you. Need assistance in studying medical records of migraine and tumor patients? Want hands-on help for collating the numbers with relevant demographic information as is done with formal tumor registries? Um, you can hire me to work on the project with you. I'm VERY motivated to find the answer for preventing and curing the medical curiosity. And I know how to interview people. I'm familiar with maintaining Tumor Registries, researching medical records AND comprehending medicalese.

Well, whether or not I become part of some well-considered research effort for personalized medicine, some doctor or team of doctors will likely win prizes (and save lives) when they master the answer. sigh...

Perhaps my sole contribution to the achievement (maybe) will be naming the problem. So doctors, researchers and scientists, remember that you heard it here first. Just let me know the prize I earn for coining the phrase





3. MALPLASM SYNDROME. Abnormal growth(s) - leading to or following other physical manifestations - that can be staged pretty much as are malignant (cancerous) growths. sigh. I've developed an entire paper on this topic, and I've been working on it since last year. It's simply not ready for professional inspection yet.

Why am I so concerned about all this? Keep in mind, these Migraine and non-cancerous Meningioma illnesses are simply NOT benign. Consider the life-altering effects that Meningiomas, Meningioma surgeries, and Migraines, have on people. And other associated, dire problems may be part of the picture.

I'll hang on to my sense of humor as I try to contribute to the world in my own way. Meanwhile, I'll try to come up with catchier names for the 3 potential diagnoses I referenced above.


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