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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Laughing My Way to Better Health

12 Adar Bet 5768

This morning I waltzed my way into another Occupational Therapy appointment in full Purim garb. The staff laughed at my choice of matpekhet (costume, in Hebrew) and my sense of humor for poking fun at my medical issues.

You can get a glimpse of me as Boo-Boo Barbie down below. I wore the red dress for Purim evening and the pink outfit during the day. In one photo I'm holding the arm brace I no longer need, and balancing the cane that once supported me. Don't I look glam as a blond bomshell with kewl shades and colorful bandaids, laughing off my troubles?

Then we began our work. The exercises soon stopped so the startled therapist could measure the vastly improved supination, pronation, flexion and extension (medicalese for forms of movement) of my affected arm and hand.

She about cried for joy with me as I thanked GOD Almighty for the miracle. The One Above let my team of medical experts help me to heal from a devastating injury.

The supervisor was immediately alerted to the fact that the classic signs and symptoms of RSD/CRPS are rapidly lessening and disappearing from my previously injured and almost pain-free limb. Two telltale signs are simply GONE!

What happened next?

The supervisor proudy displayed a copy of my book for coping with medical crises to her staff. She wants everyone who arrives at that office to learn my strategies for coping with medical crises. AND she hopes that therapy clients will learn how to overcome their challenges with the right attitude and behavior.


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Yojeved Golani
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Anonymous said...


I am in awe of you! After all that you’ve been through and you still come out smiling with a witty remark (or 2, or 3). It’s hard to believe how things have been turned around

Rheta Zabrowsky

Anonymous said...

I had seen your book mentioned on E-mail in the past, I had had chronic pain which b"H I am mostly healed from as well, and was thinking to get it eventually for myself, but now I just saw it on the "lazer beams" blog from a while back, when I was searching for sickness/suffering posts from him for my friend, and I decided that your book would probably be amazing for her... I'm buying a copy for myself too.

Thanks so much,
K. Weiss

Lady-Light said...

Yocheved, this sounds wonderful! You didn't say HOW your symptoms lessened, however (hope it's not too late to leave a comment, btw). Also, just a note--the only Hebrew word for 'costume' which I know of is "takhposet" - תחפושת

Yocheved Golani said...

You need to scroll around the blog to read related posts, Ora/Lady Light. I recommend putting the words "Golani, CRPS, RSD" in the search browser. All the best!