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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Temporary Leave of Absence

3 Adar 2 5768

Sorry to have to type this at you, but I'm about to leave for the hospital. I need further surgery on my arm, the one broken in a freak accident on Dec. 20 2007, then surgically repaired Jan. 7 2008.

I've needed this follow-up surgery for weeks. But hospital beds have been filled with other, more fragile patients and victims of terrorists. I simply could not access the surgeon I need until now.

Doctors are sort of amazed at how well I endured the agonizing wait for a bed in the orthopedic surgery unit until today. So am I.

My medical team is reading my book a bit more closely now, to better comprhend how I've endured the excruciating pain of the Grade 3 Elbow Fracture, Comminuted Ulna Fracture and broken wrist plus what we believe to be the unexpected (and VERY painful) shift of the metal plates and screws holding my arm together.

It's all in my book, dear readers. I practice what I preach regarding coping mechanisms.

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