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Friday, April 4, 2008

Wanna Learn to CHANGE Your Brain, Shut Off Pain and/or Tremors?

27 Adar Bet 5768

Dr. Christopher Charms is one of several scientists developing an investigational technology for looking into the brain, particularly your own, and then programming it at will.

A Functional MRI-based technique, it can enable persons with neuropathy (severe pain) to reduce their suffering. It will allow someone with mental anguish to feel joy instead, and facilitate lots of other productive decisions/actions. It is a potential tool for enabling some paralyzed people to move at will.

Want to train your brain for optimum performance just as weightlifters build their muscles?

Shore up your understanding of free will by reading Buddhist philosophy about the mind ("The Places that Scare You" is my personal suggestion) and ANYTHING written by Rebbe Nachman of Breslav (a centuries-ago Jewish scholar who influences Judaic philosophy to this very moment). Then see
Control Your Brain

The Functional MRI technique has its critics, but the future awaits the refinement of potential fMRI flaws and the improvement of human health.

BTW, I know to expect some flak from a few of my readers because I suggested Buddhist reading material. Consider that suggestion to be my far-flung invitation to some readers who can now try to realize that when Biblical Abraham sent his children EAST, they carried teachings based on the Jewish Torah with them. Over time, these philosophies, bodies of knowledge and practices became diluted by political pressures, personal imperfections (greed among them) and simple forgetfulness. The origins of many eastern mindsets are actually based upon Judaism.

OK, back to the physical-emotional health purpose of my blog. For more promising news, check out this Israel 21 C video for a brief glimpse about how to overcome the tremors of Parkinson's Disease and to use your limbs effectively:
Israeli company leads the gray product revolution


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Keith said...

I am very excited by Dr Christopher DeCharm's work, and I learned about his ideas very recently. I appreciate your writing this.

Yocheved, I thank you for your blog. Shalom.

Yocheved Golani said...

My pleasure! Helping the world at large is my goal.