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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The BHRT World Summit-- Audio Internet Seminar

18 Nisan 5768

Whew, that's some lo-o-o-ng message I posted the other day. Here's a brief recap of the main points from a doctor I know to be superior in his field (I've interviewed his clients!) and one of the resources listed in my popular book about coping with medical crises:

The BHRT World Summit-- Audio Internet Seminar


Doctor, invite your patients to the seminar (they can tell others to listen in, too). This is the first seminar done for the public with topics for everyone.

All Attendees get:

Free: One year Life Extension Magazine

Free: E-books about bio-identical hormones,
charts, diagrams

Free: PDF download on the status of
bio-identical testosterone

DOCTORS/HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS who want to share this educational opportunity with your patients/clients via email, CLICK HERE.

GENERAL PUBLIC: To view the topics and to register for non-doctors, please CLICK HERE.

See you at the Summit,

Joel Yaffa, MD
Chairman BHRT World Summit
118 Merion Way
Hainesport, NJ 08036

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