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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eating Your Way to Better Health

24-25 Nisan 5768

(I apologize for the snafu that messed up my recent posts. Some have not appeared and I'm trying to catch up with corrections. YG)

Global economies are worsening,
especially America's. How does THAT relate to my book about coping with medical crises? Read on!

The "RESOURCES" section of my book includes references to alternative healing method practitoners. They often advise people to eat organic produce. It superbly nourishes the human body without the need for pill-popping vitamin supplements.

Herbs grow well in windowsill pots. They need little care.

It's rather simple to grow delicious tomatoes, strawberries, squashes and other good stuff in yards or on rooftop gardens.

The charming sight of all that natural beauty is good for body and soul. And it can significantly save wear and tear on your wallet. Just add group effort, a little ingenuity, soil, and a good trowel to your efforts.

Skeptical that you'll benefit from the hard work of home-grown foods? Consider this: my orthopedic surgeon (remember my broken arm/hand adventure back in December?) commented that notwithstanding the fractures, my bones and muscles are comparable to those of a very healthy woman HALF my age! Hmmm, I happen to eat an all-organic diet...

Happy gardening!

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