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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hospice, Health and a Speaking Tour!

26 Nisan 5768

I'm pleased to let you know that my message about how to cope with medical challenges/crises and the emotional turmoil that tends to go with them is poised to go global. Well, more global than it has been.

Today, Hadassah Hospital's Social Services Department referred my public speaking skills and book to the social work director at the Hadassah Hospital Hospice Center. Now why would anyone suddenly do that? Read on!

The highly skilled and very experienced people who cared for my severely broken arm as a medical team were in utter shock and total pleasure upon meeting with me today. My face and entire body, including the affected arm/hand, radiate health and optimism. The doctors and social workers well understand the formidable odds I've beaten to attain this achievement. They appreciate that I take the advice I give to others. It clearly works! And they want it to work for the desperately ill patients they treat.

I plan to speak for far more people than those in Israeli hospices and hospitals. Contact me soon to book me for a speaking engagement in your part of the world. My winter Author's Tour is shaping up. Just click on and let me know your particulars.

And here's a new feature for this blog: a CLIFFHANGER! Just wait until I officially announce which international mental health organization is adding my book to its roster of recommended reading materials! See you next week...


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