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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Help those Hormones to Behave!

3 Iyar 5768

Here's how I'm celebrating my 1-year Blogiversary (yep, it's been a year since this blog launched): I'm letting you know one of the best resources around for improving your health.

In 1 week, you can listen to the Bio-Identical Hormone Seminar on the internet with thousands of people world wide. I highly recommend you do so. I've interviewed many people receiving Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. They're much better off for it. That's why seminar organizer Dr. J. Yaffa is listed in the "Resource" section of my book for coping with medical challenges!

Expert Doctors will discuss many aspects of health and Bio-Identical Hormones. Take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Click here to see seminar organizer Dr. Joel Yaffa and the doctors:


DOCTORS/HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS who want to share this educational opportunity with your patients/clients via email, CLICK HERE.

GENERAL PUBLIC: To view the topics and to register for non-doctors, please CLICK HERE.


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