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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Listen to Your Instincts

9 Iyar 5768

Ever had one of those moments of total mental clarity? Your mind fills with insight. You know in the very cells of your being that you have an important choice to make. You make that choice and your body seems to sing with joy! You pray and every facet of your soul knows that your prayers were accepted. Things will turn out fine.

Some people call that "Intuition." It's not silly Fortune Telling. It's listening to the wisdom of your soul, always attuned to life's realities.

Men, women and children have such moments of tuning in to their internal wisdom. It's a survival mechanism.

Now, read the message below:

TODAY'S THE DAY! Discover How You Can Achieve Great Health And Hormone Balance Using Bio-Identical Hormones.

It doesn't get more cutting edge based on science and research than this! You'll hear 10 hours of medical experts speaking to you, the public. This information can improve your quality of life and may even save your life.

Conventional Doctors Don't Evaluate Or Treat The Hormones Like This, on an individualized hormone basis. The doctors being interviewed are all board certified and leaders in the field.

BONUS: Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, The Doctor's Doctor will be interviewed as our special guest edding an 11th hour to the already excellent schedule.

Register NOW as we start TODAY:

DOCTORS/HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS who want to share this educational opportunity with your patients/clients via email,

GENERAL PUBLIC: To view the topics and to register for non-doctors, please

For further information, contact:

Joel Yaffa, MD
Chairman BHRT World Summit
118 Merion Way
Hainesport, NJ 08036

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And be sure to let me know how you benefit
from the Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in your life.


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