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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Teens with Drug-Resistant Depression Do Better with...

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Today I'm sharing a breakthrough in the treatment of teens whose depression does not respond well to standard drug therapy.

Too often, medical professionals respond to the problem by switching the young adult to a different drug. That's not always likely to help matters, and it can upset an already troubled person even more.

Now there's GOOD NEWS about treating drug-resistant teen depression: Combination Therapy. It's the simultaneous use of talk therapy and medical treatment. Psychotherapy helps depressed teens, especially in combination with effective changes in medication. Treatment from a competent therapist is the key to making a newer drug regimen ease the depression.

The National Institutes of Health announced in February that "Combination Therapy" works significantly better for about 55% of the teens who become involved with an effective psychotherapist. That's a statisitic to respect.

Read this
NIH News Release to learn more. And may your heartaches and worries diminish over time.

Compassion is the most important part of dealing with anyone experiencing depression. Compassion can prevent, even cure it. I invite you to see this awesome video before you read one more word:

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