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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cranio Sacral Therapy, Organic Foods & Lifestyle CAN Restore Your Health

17 Iyar 5768

It's official. This week's confirmational workup at the hospital-based eye clinic following my unusual case of vision recovery conveyed MORE GOOD NEWS to more medical professionals this week.

My eyewear prescription has definitely fallen for the 9th time in two years. "Unprecedented," is a common reaction to the medical evidence.
"How can this be happening?" asked the head of the department.

Some of the eyecare professionals examining me over time suspect that I will not need corrective lenses in the future. Every aspect of my vision problems are... decreasing and disappearing!

Stay tuned. I'll let you know when one of my doctors writes an article about me. One already mentioned that he's started developing his interesting essay.

What else are Cranio Sacral Therapy and my organic foods and lifestyle accomplishing for me? I just gained another 18 degrees of mobility in my previously broken arm (healing from a Grade Three elbow fracture) - the limb that was almost amputated due to severe bone and nerve damage. My elbow bends another 10 degrees and my wrist bends 8 more than a month ago.

This increased movement ability happened during a full month without OT or PT therapy (thanks to a paperwork snafu that reads right to left).

But my Cranio Sacral therapist and I kept up our scheduled pace. I visited my Occupational Therapist today, after resolving the paperwork mess. She measured my movements for comparison's sake. We've grinned widely at her measuring tools and my healing modality. The evidence is before us. CST is healing me. My arm, eyes, and more are clearly being favorably affected.

John Upledger, the famous Cranio Sacral Therapy trainer is pleased. One of his graduates is my CST practitioner (one of her trainees is another CSTer working on my recovery). She keeps letting him know about my amazing progress.

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