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Monday, May 26, 2008

Pay Your Medical Professional Compliments and Say "Thank You," too

21 Iyar 5768

Hmmm, perhaps some patients should read the book pictured above. Miss Manners' Guide to Excrutciatingly Correct Behavior could prevent some serious headaches, perhaps save some lives.

I'm giving some equal time to beleaguered medical professionals today.
Read Wanna Kill Your Doctor? then reflect on how well, or how poorly, you're communicating your thoughts as you face a medical crisis.

This is not merely Australia's problem. Professional medical journals worldwide have addressed the problem of
violence toward medical staff. I've been a patient in Israeli hospitals, witnessing soldiers standing guard to prevent attacks on medical staff and patients alike.
Some of the "clients" in Israeli medical institutions don't appreciate the Jewish help saving or improving their lives. Nor do they like sharing medical materials with Jews.

Politics aside, you owe gratitude and gracious behavior to the medical staff doing its best to serve your needs. Praise your medical professionals for their awesome efforts and say "Thank you" too. They appreciate it as much as anyone. Without that help from your medical professionals, you might not have a life to complain about. Here's one such example:
Cancer Research Bank.


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