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Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Drown the Baby!

14 Iyar 5768

Parents, save the summer scare-fest for teens safely watching horror movies in air-conditioned movie theaters. Check out this information for sparing overly hot babies from medical nightmares: The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions recently alerted parents and other childcare-givers that...

--Breast milk, formula best for hydration"

Hopkins pediatrician and head of the Children's Emergency Department Dr. Allen Walker, M.D., says ""Babies need extra fluids in the hot weather, but straight water is not one of them. "A parent's natural instinct is to give the baby water to prevent dehydration, but too much water can disrupt the delicate balance in a baby's body, leading to water intoxication. Before you know it, the baby is seizing."

Walker says that ADDING WATER TO FORMULA IS DANGEROUS. Babies under a year of age need Mom's milk or formula. Straight water can lead straight to the emergency room - NOT what the baby needs!


* Changes in Mental Status, i.e., unusual irritability or drowsiness
* Low Body Temperature, usually 97 degrees or less
* Facial Swelling or Puffiness
* Seizures

"Though any infant who consumes too much water can suffer water intoxication, the risk is highest among children who are already dehydrated, typically after a bout with viral or bacterial infections that cause vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms of dehydration in a young child include dry mouth, increased thirst, irritability and reduced sweating and urination. An easy way to spot dehydration is if a child has fewer than three wet diapers in 24 hours," Walker says.

Learn other excellent tips for childcare at HOPKINS CHILDREN


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