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Friday, May 16, 2008

Real Men Don't Need Dairy Foods. NOBODY Does!

11 Iyar 5768

It takes A LOT to make me post a Friday update. I like long weekends ;^ )

But this update shouldn't wait. MEN, this one's for you.

ACCORDING TO this Departments of Nutrition and Epidemiology Harvard University School of Public Heath study, dairy intake can cause PROSTATE CANCER in men.

Skip the Milk Mustache.

Many people unwittingly endanger their health with dairy products. Lots of adults believe that dairy foods are nutritional for human bodies. "They're not," according to Dr. Neal Barnard of
The Physician's Committe for Responsible Medicine. He often speaks of clinical evidence showing that human consumption of dairy foods can lead to diabetes and other health problems.

Cow milk is good for young cows and goat milk is great for kids with four feet, tails and shaggy coats. But the stuff's NOT for humans.

Organic or not, dairy items do not belong in human bodies past infancy. The ideal form of dairy nutrition for human infants comes only from Mommy. Second best (if Mommy can't provide) is a baby-compatible formula.

See this
information-packed site to learn about actual medical evidence that DAIRY DOES YOU NO GOOD. IT HARMS YOU.

Men, lose the belly fat. Get your 6-pak abs in shape without dangerous dairy foods. Ladies, learn from the guys. Trim your form and improve your overall health by banning dairy foods from your menu.

And get a load of this insight about how DAIRY FOODS CAN DAMAGE your BONES AND THE REST OF YOUR BODY:

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