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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Compliments are Coming In!

24 Iyar 5768

As a journalist and book/music reviewer I've left myself, the writer, out of the story career-long. I'm unforgiving about self-promotion in what's supposed to be impartial analysis. It blurs the lines. But selling a book I've authored requires that I step into the "picture" despite my preference to live my life simply, without fanfare.

So here's the scoop: A popular website is preparing a feature story about my approach to coping with medical or any crises (trust me, adjusting to life in Israel is no picnic for a former Motown woman who did line dances long before she knew how to dance the Hora and was used to Western world culture. Talk about Culture Shock!). The interviewer is gathering quotes from my friends and acquaintances who've been sharing their thoughts about me and my book. Read on to find out what a few of them think of my spiritual and general takes on LIFE, on ADVERSITY and on GREETING LIFE WITH A GRIN:

“Yocheved Golani is living proof that emuna is the greatest power on earth. With faith and perseverance, the supernatural miracles in her life have become the natural course of events. She is a shining example of what Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches, that 'There’s no such thing as despair.'” - Rabbi Lazer Brody

"She amazes me with her strength and femininity. Yocheved makes me laugh and makes it OK to cry as well. We should all grow to posess these qualities that this phenomenal woman holds." - Galia Sapozhnikov, L,M.T, D,Ay

"Yocheved Golani is a determined woman. She has battled the most difficult trials and tribulations and emerged standing with her head held high. I respect her perseverance and highly recommend her book!" - Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock

"Yocheved is a fighter who does not want to give up, extremely important at this time of history. She knows how to roll with the punches. In spite of difficulty, she remains steadfast in her faith in Hashem (G'D) and His good, and lives to make her contribution to Klal Yisroel (the Jewish People) and the geulah shlaimah (Redemption). If anyone deserves the proverbial pat on the back, it is Yocheved." - Pinchas Winston

Stay tuned. I'll let you know when the TO-BE-ANNOUNCED site's story about me goes live. ;- D

To your good health,

Yocheved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
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Star Lawrence said...

You are also funny!

Yojeved Golani said...

Thanks, Star! Too bad the blog isn't a place for some of my best jokes. My delivery is better when I do the various voices and pregnant pauses. Timing is everything in coping with life, crises and comedy.

Best, Yoji