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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Parents on Medical Rounds!

10 Iyar 5768

Here's a nifty article about adding family to the medical care team:
Patients' Parents Get a Place in Hospital Rounds.

The wisdom of this innovation applies to patients of any age. Letting sensible, well-behaved family and friends confab with the medical team makes extremely GOOD SENSE! Loved ones know the patient best.

I suggest printing out that article and politely sharing it with your doctors, placing it on bulletin boards throughout hospitals and medical offices.

Patient Empowerment is something I've long advocated, especially with my book. Finally, the people who know the patient best have a voice!


Speaking of Patient Empowerment, check out the National Institute of Health's press release about Annual Food Allergy Awareness Week!

I know, you weren't aware that one exists.
But that's what my book and blog are all about: informing you of great resources so you can make intelligent choices and take charge of improving your health!


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