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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good News in the Medical World! PLUS: You can Choose Optimism and Reject Suffering.

8 Iyar 5768

Here's a terrific roundup of a few medical innovations improving your life or perhaps that of someone you know. Click on: Just What the Doctor Ordered.

*** I'm the featured writer in this week's edition of Esther Avinoam's Zine about various healing techniques. CLICK HERE to read the entire issue. Meanwhile, you can contact Esther to request being added to her recipient list as well as to receive the mailing featuring my ideas. Here's the featured article:

By Yocheved Golani

It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life Book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge explains how I survived a benign brain tumor killing me in 2005. Crushing every nerve entering my head, it was why I’d been having problems using my limbs, swallowing and seeing for months.

I agreed to emergency surgery knowing it could kill me or leave me paralyzed. I sought the slim chance that I’d live with only slight impairment of my facial nerves.

The spiritual lessons involved with my life-saving adventure appear in my book and blog.

But those insights didn’t help me in 2008. I had another lesson to learn.

In December 2007, several bones in my dominant arm broke in a freak accident. An orthopedic surgeon reconstructed my arm with metal plates and pins. Months of hum-drum physical therapy SUDDENLY stopped for my medical professionals. Things weren’t normal for any of us!

Therapists noted that my increasing kvetches (grunts of pain) became ear-splitting shrieks. In January 2008, I felt as if lightning were shooting through my arm, ricocheting off every nerve! Therapy became torture. I fainted several times.

My hand developed a weird glow. Swollen fingers oozed sweat when I relaxed. An emergency room doctor revealed that I had Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy, a deteriorating condition of skin, muscles and bones. It sometimes results after a fracture. Doctors don’t know why.

Reduced stress, an upbeat attitude and/or pain-killing drugs help some RSD sufferers to recover within a year or so. But not everyone recuperates.

Doctors ordered gentler physical therapy while remarking on my optimistic personality. Neither prevented nor diminished my pain, though. We had one last option: painkillers.

I reacted poorly to them, almost going comatose!

Suffering’s not my style, coping is. I adore double-crossing the Yetzer Hara (mind-set of negativity) with subterfuge. Knowing that some bystanders had misinterpreted my sobs for laughter and with “upside down mazal” (the time of sudden, G'D-given reversals in luck) Purim approaching, I wondered, “Can I laugh my way out of trouble? Can I trick my body into believing it’s healthy by CHOOSING not to have RSD?”

Then I developed a plan.

Poking fun at my condition weeks later with a colorful costume, band-aid covered Boo-Boo Barbie walked out my door and into Megilla reading (the annual recitation of the "How Jews Were Saved in Ancient Persia") story . I was mimicking history’s most cheerful doll: Barbie always smiles (even with RSD)! And she’d answered “Yes!” to my questions.

I giggled until the day I shocked my medical team with a new reality. I’d laughed away my RSD by March. See me celebrate at
Laughing My Way to Better Health

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